Casas do Espigueiro (Granary Houses) are situated in the village of Salgueiro, parish of Préstimo - Macieira de Alcoba, municipality of Águeda. Located on the western slope of Caramulo mountain, 365 meters above sea level, it overlooks a small valley and is surrounded by a vast wooded area.

Salgueiro´s uniqueness is its quietness, tranquility and connection to nature, capable of providing pleasant peaceful moments. In the vicinity there is a beautiful viewpoint over the Poiso Valley.

Less than 5 km away, stand the rivers Alfusqueiro and Águeda, respectively to the North and to the West, surrounded by pine forest, oak and eucalyptus.

The climate is mild. The summer is warm and the winter, although cold, doesn’t reach severe mountain temperatures.


Not far from Salgueiro, there are several interesting places worth visiting:

- Lourizela - neighboring village, with rustic houses in schist and granite;

- Macieira de Alcoba (3 km) - hiking, natural pool, religious heritage, Biodiversity Station, Old Corn Museum, crafts;

- Urgueira (6 km) - mountain village with community oven (annual festivity -"Miracle of Ur-gueira") and magnificent landscape from the top of Mount Junqueiro;

- River beaches of Cortez and Destriz (5 km) – picnic area, barbecue, coffee, canoes;

- River beaches of Ponte do Alfusqueiro and Castanheira do Vouga (10 km);

- Talhadas (9 km) - megalithic monuments and stretch of Roman road;

- Village of Caramulo (12 km) – Automobile Museum;

- Oliveira de Frades – dolmen of Paranho de Arca (10 km);

- City of Águeda (15 km);

- City of Aveiro (35 km);

- Beaches of Barra, Costa Nova and S. Jacinto (45 km);

- City of Viseu (45 km).

Seasonal events (to be announced):

- sports (cycling, downhill, rappel, river activities);

- community (bread making, festivals);

- religion.


Casas do Espigueiro provide ingredients for making meals in the houses.

At the Bar, various snacks are also served.

Wishing to experience other alternatives, there are the following nearby options:

- Restaurant "A Escola" - Macieira de Alcoba - typical dishes

- Restaurant "O Campestre do Alfusqueiro" - Casal - typical dishes - 6 € to 7.50 €

- Restaurant "Alfusqueiro" – Casal - 6 €

- Snack Bar “Lopes” - 6 € to 12 €

- Grill "O Masgalo"- Á-dos-Ferreiros - BBQ Chicken 4,5€

- Rami Bar - Á-dos-Ferreiros - live music

- City of Águeda - rich and varied gastronomy